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Miles Of Empty

Miles of Empty is a Chicago born alternative rock band in the sonic arena of Stone Temple Pilots, and Puddle of Mud. Miles of Empty's live sound is every bit as powerful and polished as its studio sound, and performing live is really where the band exceeds your expectations for a three-piece act.

Lori Wyatt

Groove-Rock band with a soul-filled leading lady.  

New High Low
Rock/pop - A Chicago rock band with several different influences ranging from post rock bands to radiohead.

Orquesta Ranura
Orquesta Ranura is a nine-piece ensemble fusing African, Cuban, Puerto-Rican, and Brazilian folkloric and popular styles with Funk and Jazz. They have brought their powerful, infectious, and creative musical entertainment to events including corporate and private parties, dance-clubs, university master classes, and festivals. Personnel: Jordan Lopez: vocals/percussion, Raphael Crawford: trombone, Rob Haight: saxophone, Tobias Kaemmer: trumpet, Dave Proulx: piano, Bryan Doherty: bass, Paul Spata: congas, Mike Caskey timbales and drum set.

We are a rap.core band from Portage Indiana about 20 minutes away from Chicago. Our style is like (hed)pe mixed with like a TapRooT. We have shows and everything so check the site for updates. Peace.

Jazzy-Groove Oriented-Progressive Rock

Life Dos
hard rock,pure energy,pure music,& tearin up the stage where ever they play!!!

"Now centered in Phoenix, Arizona,... Lovers of the art and listeners of all ages will welcome PJ Grinch’s contribution."

We are a hard rock band from NW Indiana. Check out our songs and let us know what you think. Willing to travel to play shows and gig swapping is always an option. Check us out, I know you'll like it!

Obscured in Exile
Death Metal & Space Rock

We are a pop-punk/emo band from Northeast Pennsylvania. Influenced by Blink182, Millencolin, and Jimmy Eat World.

Chizel is a heavy metal band that rock. Most of the stuff they sing and play they write their selves they are just awesome. They are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But they play all over south Louisiana in bars and clubs.  On their website you can listen to some of their new releases.

The Capgun
The Capgun formed in April 2004 and is working on destroying people's faces right now by writing and performing new songs that are delicately intricate and reflect the pain and emotion of the times with constant metal flowing riffs and technical breakdowns all over the place.

tramping ground
North Carolina band. Nice mix of alternative, hard rock and metal. very loud and powerful.

Acoustic Rock- started by a good friend of mine. I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite bands.

Wicked Gift
I don't know what style they'd be classified as .. but they have an electric violin player that ROCKS!

John Thompson
Pop/Rock Artist in Music City Nashville, TN

Rise Against
These guys outta chicago are on the cutting edge of melodic-hardcore punk with their brand new CD, "Siren Songs of the Counter Culture."

Emo/Rock/Punk band from NEPA.  The average age is about 14!

Skyward Bound
We are open for 2005 bookings. there is four members in the group, we are on Roan Mountain Music label,New CD to be released nationally in 2004.Sings at churches,festivals,fairs,events.Give us a e mail if you want us at your event.

Music for the attitudinally challenged. Fifteen years of Rot and Roll.

The Final Revision
Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. TFR are rocking the scene with their blend of emotional hardcore music.

Here's a good band from San Diego ,CA where Mr. Gregory Page Lives. "Dare you to Move" was a Big Hit for them!


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