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We want to hear your band name idea's!

We are currently called 'good band dot com', but everyone calls us 'good band' which isn't cool at all so we are looking at new band names.

Name idea's will be published here.
 Serious and extremely unserious names will all be considered.

Or, Find a name for YOUR band!

Most recent submission: 12/2/05

Band Name:

Submitted By:

Sunshine and the Spit Bubbles vanderwonder
That is one of the most creative names yet.  A little long, :)

Past Submissions:

Band Name:

Submitted By:

Sunshine and the Spit Bubbles vanderwonder
Verbel Confution ME
I need a name for a band that is all girls, and has nothing that is grows in it, somethng simple! EB - (How about:
Chick City? -Ben)
Suffering Grotesque Suffocater13
Nevermind Brittany
Breathless Mercy Rick
Stained Skin Rick
Hybrid Serving Rick
ThorN ambition Rick
Quad Brian
Yada Yada Yada
Melancholy Day norm
The Unknown Dawn
Token Rock Band Ben
Y-Knot BevsBird2
Right Next Door Crash
Tech NO musik playa
V Ashlea
My Boomstick evil dead!!!!
Six Pack Race Track Jarrett Tupper (w credit from Kelly K.)
D12 heather
gone bad warwart
Armageddon Felching Tim
Spazz Attack Lily
Savage Bliss darkpony
Suislide Joey
Three Nipples Linda
blackthunder jessica
Recalcitrant dethkitn
Ultrapersonal Malik
The Later Days Malik
The Main Path Malik
SprayPhart Thrombo19
The Byron Band Ben
SWIRLWARP ricochet57
DRINK DEEP ricochet57
SPIRAL SPIKES ricochet57
COMINATCHA ricochet57
THINGUS ricochet57
FALLEN GOODS ricochet57
Metal Slave DAVID Z.
best band renee w
litterbox stefie
too sexy Jean
double s or super studs ladyhawkwild1
Where the streetlights fade Jmoney80
fickle face eppy
Scissor Tree Mcwilliams
Angry Squirrel Mcwilliams
Grandpa's Ginham Mcwilliams
LipSliver R.B.R.
Broken Glass Chris
Scapegoat Kelvin
Dystopia your name here
NEXT Amber
luv ya right Amber
Pink Punk Jena
24hour barbershop Bro mutha fuacko
electronic fabrication - eFab Byron
Proxemics Byron
Pefect Devils TinkerBell ROcks
NAME hateddude83
the bleeding hearts turdman
Neon Love Ferret HOOFLUNGPOO
Mating The Maid Pig
halogen Nobody
warm play Nobody
inside in Nobody
Sober Freaks Freak
The Dotters Dotter
Mating The Maid Pig
Enter The Mothman Daved
Pink Pals Kassi
Hot Water Makes Fire Me Again
Never The Less Me
King Kong's Frumf Frumf
Perventable Person 801
Cut Out Person 801
Spying On Aunty D Bacon
Vagaband Beaver
AntiLove Nobody
The Undecided Dakota
Scarlet Mishaps Amanda
I am the cheese Twisted Turtle
Red Wrench Briana, Pat's Friend
Red Dices Pat
Rachael Goodband Rachael Goodband
Get You Hands Off My... Wouldn't u Like to know
Final Cut Me
Mc Laydze Samantha
Faulty Pistols Me
The Mooching Pandas Ginger Fish
Scarlet Apologies Kyle
Gish Triple-X
Mystical Virtue Skape Grace
Love Lies Bleeding Skape Grace
Heaviside Layer Skape Grace
Purple Forks Nobody
The Evolved Say Wha!
Dream Say Wha!
30 Stitches Say Wha!
Broken  Say Wha!
UShall C Say Wha!
Burning In The Cold Say Wha!
Abyss Elemental Skeleton
Burning Desires Elemental Skeleton
Reconciliation Elemental Skeleton
Memory Bank Elemental Skeleton
Savage Divinity AHelper
Blood Kage The Element Skeleton
Network Zero Rocker & Roller
Sangry Byron
Jiggawatts MonkeyNutz
7 Beavers tinman
60 Watt tinman
scabs tinman
alter boy tinman
frollicking fins tinman
irrelevant camels tinman
candidate bluff tinman
u-turn jen
The Path To Salvation Prog-Metal
Bio-hazard Simon(2-d).V
Fallen Mist Nobody
Drogheda siouxsie star
Acid Dream siouxsie star
eating five batteries strong bad
mustard stain Nobody
Moshers Need Haircuts Scouse
Purple helmeted soldiers Kano
Last December Uhhhhh...
Koustakats Kkh
Blue Mango Thai Dude
Morning After Brittany
Useless Paper Wings KaptinKater
Bottle Cap Ashtray Ben
Pre Fab Cool Byron
Breastfed Boogiemen Kim
Frail Kim
New Addiction Haight
Banana Slut Haight
Devo Dogor
Nirvana Rafael
Fallen Darkness GuitarDude32



New Fad Byron
Dysuria Jake
Flamming Leperchauns Sumner
People Kill Chris
Slag Jake
roasted RhymeWrangler
Energy1 Rany
Multipass The Serial Dater
Treason Lucy
Pull My Finger Stinky sox
Purple Glue Babygirl
Lead Daisies Babygirl
Lead Melt Down me
smelly sox darkgirl
great band me
tercer cielo Anonymous
gnomes without socks Godd
drowning dogma Godd
Drown My Heart Godd
12 year of piano lessons, wasted Bob
Fortitude castrator24
DEfEcTiVe Condition Jackie
Pleasure Consequence Alex
deathchambers Ryan
Overdose Dan
PC Load Letter Jill Gallo
Lazy Lummox Bob 

Jello Shots

Bill Weaver

The Byron Dean Project Anonymous 
Interfusion Julie C.
Gateway To Kankakee Lucy Lawless
GoodBand Hebel00
The Awesome Dudes Beth
Ben & The Rats Carolyn
Unlimited Edition Ben
Rapid Succession Ericka
PSD Format Walt
Acoustic Noise Lemming
The Bush Whackers Evyl
Syeknom Revisited Anonymous
They Might Not Have Been Giants! Idiot
Plastic Spork Decima
Byron and The Stinkers The Weirdo
Euphoria Alexa
Insane Perkkussion Skott & Magoots
Hawaiian Snow Adam
Band For Sale Hot Lady
Adonis Krissy
Byron Get One Free Tark
The Marmite Miners Elton John


Kelly Clark


South Side Style Bono
Chainsaw Circumcision bob
Free Beer Joe
The Angry Dwarves Cosmo
Cobalt Blue Glynis
KPMG Dysfunctional Tiff
Elevated Souls ChicagoVWchic77
BLUE Mary Ellen
2RezN8 RezN8r
Never Be Famous Ben
Pubic Toupee g- dog
IceHim Anony
MPC n8
But Her Friends Are Hot Bimmerboy

Thanks to everyone who sent in a name!

Band Name
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